The new DELTA building

The new joint study and research institute of the Faculty of Economics, the Institute of Computer Science and the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, which will be set up in autumn 2019, was named Delta as the result of the competition.

174 list destinations were received by 125 different authors from the competition. The selection was made by a jury consisting of the head of the real estate department of the University of Tartu Heiki Pagel, Professor Jaak Vilo, Head of the Department of Computer Science, Professor Maaja Vadi, Head of the Department of Economics, and Illari Lään, Head of the Communications Department at the UT.

As a justification, for example, Delta seemed to be a triangular figure, related to the architectural solution of the new study building, which refers to the shape and appearance of the house. The name also refers to trilogy or trilateral cooperation, ie information and communication technology, economics and mathematical statistics, or also a tri-state scientific and economical country. The author of the name is Erki Tamm, Chief Specialist of the Real Estate Development Department.

Other variants include, for example, Iconicum, Innovaattikum, Logicum, Sigma, Pesa, Nurgik and SAMM and ARMAS. The last two names refer to the originators of the houses moving the house. The building is being built in the center of the city, the Faculty of Economics. The planned volume of the building is 10 966 square meters. The estimated cost of the building is EUR 27.9 million.